Symptoms for dishwasher issues

The dishwasher isn’t washing dishes, the lamp on the dishwasher is showing a F2 error.

The F2 error is linked to water, weather it’s for intake our outtake. First we check if the water is going through the tap.

In the dishwasher we pour 2-3 liters of water, close it and hold the reset button for a bit and that’s it. The machine should start working on the last faze where it takes out the water. This lasts for about 10 minutes, if there is no water the outtake system is fine.

We are going to check if the dishwasher is getting any water. We do this by taking apart the hose for water and slowly start letting the water to see if there is anything. Check the filter to make sure that it’s not clogged so that it doesn’t let the water through.

The water intake sensor on these machines is usually on the left side, bottom part in the middle. I was able to hit it with my fist because sometimes the contact would be bad. It fixed it for a bit but it didn’t last through one washing before it broke again. To start the machine again after finding out what the issue was, we need to hold the start button for a few seconds. After a few seconds of holding the button the error disappears and the machine starts washing.

Taking apart the dish washer

First and before most make sure to turn off the water and electricity.

First we take off the top cover, then we can unscrew the screw on top of it. On the front panel there is a plastic cover that we pull towards us. We open the doors and under the rubber unscrew the screw under the door. Thus from behind the process is the same.

Taken off cover
Taken off cover

We take off the sensor and it’s contacts. Make sure to clean it out and put it back as it was. Now we can try and run the machine to see if it’s working okay.

When we made sure that the issue has been resolved. We just put back the sensor plug the way it was with the metal frame.

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