Disassembling The Transformer For Recycling

In this case the economy and ecology have the same interest. So these steps are not only saving the surroundings, because it’s less defiled, but is also don’t need so much ore from the ground. The economic interest is apparent.

Transformer Parts

Transformer holder is usually made of thicker sheet that is tightened with screws so the sheet metal plates are pressed and it prevents it from falling apart. In the middle of the sheet metal is the copper wire that can be in layers divided by papers, or some other isolation material.

Taking off the holder

The transformer holder is easily removed. All you need to do is untie the 4 screws, or just cut them with a saw. Cut with the saw even if it’s tied with clue. The holder is later easily removed

Taking apart the sheet panels

Typically there are two parts of sheet metal

Sheet metal are made out of types E and I, we will describe two types of their assembly

The first one is more easily to disassemble, on it the sheet metal is made out of E and I are the same type one on another. So we have to find where they are tied together and just tear it apart with a hammer.

The second one is where E and I are wicker. So on every row adverse from the previous one so on the E goes the I sheet. On this model we are trying to take out sheet by sheet. The first 2-3 sheets are harder to take out, but after taking out 3 or 4 it goes much faster. If we can’t take out the sheets this way, you can cut it with a saw. Remove the side, which is made out of copper, and leave just the one around the sheet metal. Now just take off the copper coil, it can be a bit harder though.

Taking apart the copper coil

The copper coil is coiled on some isolation material. It usually has borderlands that have to be removed. Then easily take off the copper coil, and if does not want to get off then start untiring it.


One transformer about 8cmx8cmx5cm has about 700 grams of copper.

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