Why disassemble the outdoor air conditioner

The outdoor air conditioner being outside means that it’s exposed to a lot of dust. Because there is a lot of humidity there it also means it attracts a lot of insects. In cases like these basic cleaning isn’t enough, but a full disassembly. Of course you need to disassemble it when it breaks as well.

Preparing to disassemble

Before disassembling and taking off the air conditioner first we need to release the gas out of it. If you don’t know what you are doing, please let a repairman do it because the gas is under pressure and toxic for the environment. Next thing to do is to remove the air conditioner from the wall holders, you should be able to do this just by unscrewing the screws.

The process of disassembling the outdoor air conditioner

First we need to remove the grid protection, which is easily removed just by pulling.

Removed grid from the air conditioner
Removed grid from the air conditioner

Now we need to remove the screws that are holding the cap. Make sure to leave the screws in a bowl so that you don’t lose them.

Next thing we need to do is remove the edges and shields from the side. Remove them piece by piece by removing the screws on top and bottom. After removing the pillar edges, you can remove the sides at the motor and the electric installation. Last thing we remove is going to be the front side.

When we removed the sides, next thing to do is remove the isolation around the compressor. We remove the small isolation that is placed around the copper coil. To easily remove the rest of the isolation we need to remove the screw that is holding the sheet metal which divides the compressor and the part where the ventilator is. You can remove the isolation now. Most likely the isolation will be in a bad condition, so I recommend you put in a new one when you are assembling.

Cleaning the air conditioner

After we’ve removed all the sides we can start cleaning. First with a broom we remove as much dust from the AC as we can. After that with a compressor we spray the AC and of course we wipe it with a wet cloth. Be very careful not to damage the heat sink while cleaning. I recommend you first wash the heat sink with water and then spray it with a compressor.

Assembling the case of a outdoor air conditioner

It’s common that the clips holding the grid on the front side fall off, so first we check if they are still there. We put them back by placing the grid back in place, chucking the clips back and gluing them. For glue I recommend you use silicone glue, as it can handle different temperatures the best.

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