Reasons for taking apart and recycling

Electrical appliances in the household and in the car surround us more and more. Their lifespan is shortening, and repairing isn’t always the option because the price of fixing is more than the price of the unit. Because the repair of the device is more expensive it’s thrown out. On the junkyard the price of a taken apart device is much higher than if it wasn’t taken apart. Here ecology and economy have the same interest so that the parts that can be melted again are used for new devices. Automatically lesser ores are taken from the ground.

Parts of the electromotor for recycling


The devices are usually made out of cases that are made out of plastic, sheet or aluminum. Rarely out of other metals. When taking the case out, there are 3 to 7 screws. It’s also possible to take it apart with a hammer. There are plastic that can be recycled and there are plastics that can’t be recycled. Check on the plastic for symbol PE or something else if it’s for recycling. If it’s the case of a washing machine then it’s case is out of sheet or something else. The cases of the fridge and the freezer are usually out of two sheet, and in the middle is glued Styrofoam that can’t be recycled. Their dividing is done manually or by burning it in the fire.


In electromotors there are usually a lot of cables that are surrounded by plastic. And the wires are made out of copper or aluminum. The isolation plastic is divided and thrown away because it can’t be recycled. The dividing can be done manually or the cables are burnt so that the isolation paper comes off.

Parts that it’s needed to pay attention to

Recycling is done mostly out of economic reasons, and because copper has the highest value, these parts are especially interesting:

  • Electromotors that are made out of stators and rotors, in them we can find iron, sheet and copper, rarer than copper wire is aluminum wire (there are stators that don’t have electro coil just magnet)
  • Transformers that are made out of copper wires, or sheet.
  • Different coils that have copper wire, or paper.
a disassembled electric motor
a disassembled electric motor

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