Defective WC kettle

The WC kettle broke. The handle got stuck in the bottom pose. Here the case can be that something inside the WC kettle is broken or not attached.

While disassembling that is completed from taking down the top cap I saw that the lever that holds the handle, I saw that it fell off. Taking off the lever I saw that it is broken where it is attached to the wall of WC kettle.

button holder
button holder

To fix the problem I took a bigger cover and screwed it into the plastic. Because the plastic didn’t have a hole before and system analysis at this place wouldn’t mind if I screwed in one screw. In order to avoid the collapse of the plastic due to the screwing of the screws, I shot a hole of 1 mm smaller volume than a screwdriver. I used a scaffold for a sheet metal, and a wood carving can be used as well as a screwdriver that has a drill on it, and then, of course, it is not necessary to drill a hole beforehand. Since the head of the scarf was not very big, I put the pad.

To put everything back, it’s the opposite of disassembling.

This proved to be a very good solution that serves and works without problems and much later. I saved the purchase of a new toilet bowl.

The cause of this malfunction is too much ruthlessly pulling the rope on the toilet kettle.

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