Where can dead pixels be found on a screen

Dead pixels can be found on LCD screens, plasma displays, and even on displays of newer generation like IPS, LPS, etc… It doesn’t matter if it’s a screen of a computer, TV or a phone.

How dead pixels can occur

Dead pixels can appear on a screen due to bad transmission and bad color crystal filtering. This can happen out of multiple reasons. The main cause of this issue is that it’s not getting the right signal, or the pixel on the screen is just stuck.

We have dead pixels that can be fixed pretty easily. Those are the ones that aren’t transmitting the right color in the moment. This kind of issue can occur in a form of a dot, or even a line. In addition there are also pixels which are constantly transmitting a black color, those can’t be fixed.

How to fix a dead pixel

The fixes that are listed below can be temporary, but if you’re lucky they can also be permanent.

“Massage” fix

For this all you need to do is press the screen lightly around the spot where you have your dead pixel. You should try doing this with both the screen on and off. I can’t really tell you for how long you need to do this, basically until it’s either fixed or you give up.

Color emitting fix

You can find various channels for fixing a dead pixel. These videos are usually a bunch of colors cycling through with varying colors, speeds and patterns. These color changes don’t need to be played over the whole screen, but they do need to cover the dead pixel. The video should be played from 5 minutes up to 24 hours. If you notice that the dead pixel is gone… Make sure to play the video for a few minutes longer and that should be it. There are cases where after playing the video for 2-3 times for 12 this issue hasn’t been fixed. However after 15 to 30 days of normal usage the dead pixel was fixed.

Other methods

There are cases where if you take in a TV for a dead pixel repair, by the time you get there the issue has been fixed. This can sometimes occur if you leave your TV unplugged for a bit.

Dead pixels can also occur under rough transport.

There are more methods, but those require service knowledge.

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