When the screen on the phone is pressed it presses elsewhere

It was slowly becoming clear that if you press the phone in the middle it would press somewhere else. It started happening more over time. We tried calibrating it with an app but that didn’t give any results. The problem was getting worse and worse over time until the phone became unusable.

We took it to the shop and they told us the repairs are going to be expensive as the phone was a few years old and it was chinese brand. I started inquiring for 7-8 days. A friend of mine told me, and I saw on the internet that there are 2 glass plates between the touchscreen and that air can be there. There is a technique of disassembling those glasses with a iron and temperature. The temperature should be around 40-60 degrees celsius. A friend of mine recommended to me to rub it in one way to let the air out. I rubbed it for around 30 minutes and then I turned on the phone.

I saw drastic improvements and the phone was working a lot better. I turned it off again and continued to rub. After 2 hours of rubbing the phone was working fully. It was working like this for 6 months without any problems. It started going crazy again after 15 days and it was unusable again. I tried rubbing it again. I wasn’t sure if it was electrified because of WIFI or the air got into the phone again. But rubbing didn’t help.


Can a mobile phone screen be repaired if it does not respond properly to touch?

That it can be fixed. Repair depends on the fault.

What should I do when the phone does not respond properly to touch?

The first repair would be to try to calibrate the screen with a program, so if that fails, repairs that require mechanical work will follow.

If air has entered between the glass of the screen of the mobile phone, it can be rubbed?

Yes, it can be expelled, but the glass would need to be sealed again, which is done with special irons, heating.
A better repair is disassembling and re-gluing the glass of the mobile phone screen.

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