Darkened screen, not showing any image
In my case the flashlight on the phone was working too

When my wife came from work and said that her phone died I did not care. The phone was bought 6 months ago, Chinese factory and Chinese brand.

What was left was to find the bill, insurance and to report the damage. The phone had a  software battery. The damage was that the screen was fully darkened, only when the power button was pressed the screen would lit up a bit and after a bit of time it would darken again. The flashlight was on for like 2h straight, and in the area where the flashlight was the phone was warmer. Unluckily the battery was full and the flashlight could go on for a lot longer. 

My son took the phone while we were drinking coffee before going to report it. After a few minutes he came back and said “Here is the phone, I fixed it”. He said that he blindly turned the phone off. He was pressing where the power off button would be, but he was pressing like it was showing. First he blindly unlocked it, and then blindly powered it off. He turned it on again but this time the screen worked and was showing everything. 

So, the screen wasn’t showing anything, in my case the flashlight was on, phone got reset and not works as before.

If we were to take it to repair, the phone would prob shut off, they would charge it and the phone will work again.

After this, the phone worked without any errors. 


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