Cutting – Taking Down Wood

Responsibility while taking down wood

Taking down wood isn’t an easy job at all. While wearing protection like glasses, helmet, anti-vibration gloves, and etc… It’s important to pay attention to other people. Because a tree falling on the wrong place can make material damage, or injuries.

For a beginner, it wouldn’t be recommended to cut down a tree thicker than 12 cm, measured toward the ground. Experienced people shouldn’t do more than 25 cm.

Preparations before cutting wood

Before we start cutting wood, we look at it’s leaves and determine at which side does the tree pull at, and is it touching the leaves of another tree. It can be dangerous if while the tree is falling, it catches a little branch of another tree and falls, rolls and falls into a completely different place.

It’s needed to cut and remove, from the tree all the branches and leaves, to half a meter from the person who is cutting.

On the distance from 1 to 1,5 meters from the tree, clear the terrain so you can move on it. Around the tree, move all the leaves and branches using your legs.

There are two ways of cutting trees. One is cutting it from the ground, and second is cutting it a meter from the ground.

Cutting the wood with a chainsaw, a meter from the ground

This method is actually easier, because you don’t have to walk. It’s cut in a sharp angle, and the chain must be sharp, and the saw strong, because the cut must be made quickly. It’s nice for cutting in a forest, where a tree slides down a meter stump, so the process is repeated and that’s how the leaves are taken out. Using this method, trees that are thicker than 25 cm. Using this method cut down trees that are meant for fire.


Cutting wood close to ground

Here we can as well use the technique of parallel cutting on thinner trees. The tree is kept as it is, so in a thick forest we can hold the chainsaw in one hand, and with other pulling the tree to fall.



This method is used on thicker trees, and when we want a tree to fall in a specific direction. A triangle part is cut from the tree, so that the point is in the middle of the tree. Cut on the other side so that it can be seen, but trees usually tear a bit in the middle.

Cutting a tree with a sprocket
Cutting a tree with a sprocket

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