Coat Hanger and Protecting The Wall From The Coats

Setting up the coat hanger

Setting up a normal coat hanger on the wall isn’t really hard. We only have to pay attention not to put it at an angle. It’s best to use a leveler or any other measuring unit. First mark one hole. Find the second with a leveler, and put it in the middle of the hole. This way we find the right level and the distance is the same as on the coat hanger. Pay attention to how you measure it to mark it on the wall.

Drill the wholes just so that they fit. For the measures of the holes just take the ambit. Hammer the anchor into the drilled holes in the wall. In the screws put the screws, and hang the coat hanger.

When using these coat hangers, a problem can occur. The coats can dirty the wall. Especially if they are wet after the rain.

You can solve this problem in many ways. Like painting the wall with oil paint. But here will show you an interesting solution with laminate.

Protecting the wall from coats with laminate.

Putting laminate on the wall does not only protect it from the coats, but is decorative as well, and is easily maintained. I would also recommend that you use anchors here, but with a much smaller ambit. It’s also possible to tighten the laminate with 100 mm screws, if the wall is made of soft material, i.e. YTONG. This also seems like a good solution, not just cheap solution, it holds 7 years without any problems.

To assemble it, first put the laminate panel, screw it but not all the way. So that you can move it a a bit from the wall to put in another laminate panel. Then with the click system put in the second laminate panel and center them. Continue doing this, depending on how many laminate panels you want.

It’s easier if you want a frame too. If so first put the frame, and in the frame put the laminate panels, and put it on wall.

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