Cleaning GPU and CPU

Why these components attract dust the most and why you should clean them

GPU and CPU are the components that are heated the most. They have a cooler built into them, usually from aluminum. Which in terms of better air flow have a few holes in them which the fan blows through. The fan also besides the air catches the dust that flows into it. The cooler is less cooled, the fan is spinning faster and the CPU is lowering it’s capacity so that it does not overheat. Cleaning GPU and CPU is done by removing it’s parts and cleaning from inside.

How often should you clean your GPU and CPU?

In total, how often you should clean your GPU and CPU depends on their dirtiness, which can be noticed with bigger temperatures. One smaller cleaning should be pretty much every 6 months. Bigger cleaning, with thermal paste replacing should be done at least once every year.

Pay Attention

For some components to be cleaned, they need to be taken apart. First and foremost pull the PC out of electricity. While taking it apart be careful in which order you do so. You should pay attention to screws, where each and every single one of them was. All of the disassembly you are doing on your own responsibility, and I wouldn’t recommend taking apart components with warranty on it as you will lose that warranty.

Preparing for cleaning the GPU and the CPU

It’s needed to take out the GPU. It’s taken out by detaching the monitor cable, unscrew the screw in the case. Watch out for the lever on the back end of the GPU slot. It’s taken out by taking out the front part before the back part but almost parallel with the motherboard.

Then we take out the fan from the GPU and the CPU which on GPU are mostly screwed, but on CPU are mostly patterned.


Cleaning the GPU and the CPU

The best cleaning is done with pressured air, and if you don’t have a compressor, a soft bloom would do the job. You can also clean the fan wings, if you don’t have the previous mentioned equipment, with a soft cloth slowly.

Changing thermal paste on GPU and CPU

To change the thermal paste you will need to take off the cooler that is tightened with screws or a pattern.


First, we clear the old paste with soft cloth. Therefore thermal paste is changed when it loses it’s efficiency, and that is lost with often heating. We notice it by the cooler being colder, fans spinning faster and the temperature of the CPU being higher. So you should really change your thermal paste once in two years. There are different quality thermal pastes. The thicker and silver the thermal paste, the higher quality it is.




Assembly is done the opposite way of disassembly.


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