How often and how do we clean a chimney

Cleaning a chimney is not really difficult, the dirtiness and how often should the chimney be cleaned is dependent on a few factors:

  • How much is it being used
  • How big is the gap in the chimney
  • The type of burn we use

Ways to clean the chimney

I would personally split cleaning the in two groups: big and small.

For small cleaning I am taking when the chimney is being cleaned just with the chimney brush. This should be done, depending on the dirtiness of the chimney two times a year and up to every two years.

Big cleaning is when you are taking out the ash from the chimney. Thus I would recommend it once a year up to every four years depending on the dirtiness.

Cleaning with the chimney brush

Chimney cleaning brush

This type of cleaning is done even when you are doing big cleaning. Cleaning with the brush is always done first.

Usually half way through the chimney there is a opening for cleaning, and he is located in the attic. In such case the length of the brush needs to be at least half of the chimney.

When you opened the hole you push the brush upwards and with smaller withdrawing you get to the top. We use this same principle on the bottom side until we clean the chimney.

cleaning the chimney upwards
cleaning the chimney upwards
Cleaning the chimney with a brush downwards
Cleaning the chimney with a brush downwards

For a chimney that doesn’t have an opening in the attic you will need to doing it from the roof, which is inconvenient and more dangerous. Thus in this case you will need a brush the length of the chimney.

Big cleaning a chimney

Bottom opening on the chimney
Bottom opening on the chimney

On every chimney there should be a door at the very bottom. The lampblack that gets out of the chimney falls and collects at the bottom. You need to be careful as this is a very dirty job and lampblack can go anywhere. Open the door and take the lampblack out.

When you have taken out the lampblack you need to burn the chimney, for this you only need a bit of paper.

Chimney burning
Chimney burning

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