Before changing the tire on a bike

Usually the inner tire on a bicycle is changed because it’s flat. First thing to do is make sure that the vent isn’t leaking. To check if the vent is punctured we pump the tire and put spit onto the vent. In case there is a bubble and the bubble bursts that means that the vent is punctured.

In this case we are going to repair the vent.

When the vent is punctured we need to remove the wheel. The tools you are going to need are: a crowbar to separate the tire, if you don’t have a crowbar you can use a medium sized wrench.

Taking off the back tire

Taken off wheel
Taken off wheel

To take out the inner tire we just need to remove only one side from the cap.

There are 2 variations of vents, in both cases the tire needs to be empty. When it comes to the what so called ‘auto’ vent we don’t need to take it apart, but it’s recommended. When it comes to old bikes you need unscrew the vent holder, take out the vent and take off the screw.

We apply pressure to the tire so that we can separate it from the wheel and we insert the crowbar into it. Be careful not to catch the inner tire and damage it. On a span of 10-15 cm we place in another crowbar. With these two crowbars we move the tire to the other side of the wheel.

Taking out the inner tire

After one side has been switched over, we start to take out the inner tire. We start taking out the tire at the vent then just keep pulling it until it’s completely out.

Checking the outer tire

It’s important to check the outer tire both inside and outside to make sure that there’s not something stuck there than can puncture the tire again. The same way we need to clean out the dust from the inside. Make sure to check the outer frame of the wheel as well.

Placing the inner tire into the wheel

The inner tire of the bike is placed in from the vent. The vent and all of it’s elements are placed it, then the vent is fully pulled out. The tire is placed in between the outer tire and the wheel. Make sure the tire is not bent when placing it in.

Putting the outer tire back

After we do that we need to put the outer tire back on the wheel. Do this carefully not to cut the inner one, last part of the process is going to be difficult. Make sure to use both hands.

Pumping the tire

First we pump the tire a bit. Because it’s soft we press it around so that both tires settle in, then we can pump in the rest.

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