Replacing antifreeze or water on the car

When to change antifreeze

Changing the whole antifreeze should be done every two years. If you’re not changing the antifreeze then you should check it’s resistance on the cold, and add concentrate to increase it’s effectiveness.

Where to shed antifreeze

Replacing antifreeze or water is done by emptying the liquids from the cooling system. On the cooler, on the lowest point there is a screw. That screw is usually brazen or copper, and the backing, that you get into doesn’t endure. Out of that reason, and the reason to get to it, you have to take off the protection sheet. That is done from the canal or a lifted car. You don’t use it, just leak it on the lowest hose. The hose that is the lowest is dragged and tightened.

How to empty antifreeze

I am taking off the cramp from the thick hose that is going from the cooler on the bottom part. When the cramp is moving away from the hose, I take the hose out. When the antifreeze is done leaking I shake the car a little bit to make sure there is none left. Put back the hose and tighten the cramp.

Pouring antifreeze

If in the following period there are no expected cold days, namely 0 Celsius, you can add water. The water should be distilled. Because the water that has minerals in itself is easily heated and harder to cool down. And calculus can occur. If there is leaking, there are some mixtures that you poor into the cooling at it seals the smaller holes. Sometimes the calculus from the water can seal the holes, as well as salt, and milled red pepper.

What’s next is pouring water and antifreeze in the cooling system. When the cup is filled to the maximum, I press on the thick hoses to let the air out, and I pour the water and antifreeze to the max again.

Changing the antifreeze and the water isn’t done with this. It’s needed to check the level of liquids after heating the system (minimum temeprature of 90, best after turning on the ventilator).

Removing the hose from the refrigerator
Removing the hose from the refrigerator
Is it better to pour water or antifreeze in the summer?

It is not recommended to change the liquid due to the season, the water itself has no advantage over antifreeze, and the advantages of antifreeze over water are: lower freezing point, higher boiling point and no corrosion within the cooling system.

How much do I dilute the antifreeze concentrate, what temperature should it withstand?

Antifreeze should submit the lowest temperature at which the vehicle is found add more -5 or -10 ° C Običmo is made to -20o

Should there be antifreeze in a vehicle that is not working?

A vehicle that is not used in winter does not have to have antifreeze, but liquid, ie. the water must be lowered.

If we pour hot water into the cooling system at low temperatures, is it easier to start the vehicle?

Yes, because we will warm up the engine, but we should be careful not to break the engine block due to a sudden change in temperature. Home » Blog EN » DIY » Car » Changing Antifreeze Or Water In The Car

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