Car key disassembly can be sometimes needed out of a lot of reasons. In addition a key that locks and unlocks wirelessly has a battery built into it. Therefore this battery will eventually drain out and be in need of a replacement. When it comes to keys from cars from new generations… It’s enough to get close to the car with the key in your pocket to unlock it. Because these keys work with bluetooth signal, it’s recommended to take out the battery from the reserve key.
Here will be described the disassembly of the Nissan Qashqai 2014-2019 key.

Time Needed : 10 minutes

  1. Car handle

  2. First step to key disassembly

    Removing the mechanical car key.

  3. Rotate the key onto it's back

    Car key from the back

  4. Removing the little door on the key

    Taking out the mechanical key

  5. Removing the mechanical key

    Sliding out

  6. Removed


  7. Look at the key and pay attention to two jabs at the side

    No key

  8. Placing a screwdriver there

    Jab in a screwdriver

  9. Carefully turning the screwdriver to disassemble the key

    Taking it apart

  10. Placing the screwdriver into the second jab

    Jabbing the screw driver into the other side

  11. Carefully turn the screwdriver here as well so that the top part comes off

    Carefully turn to not break the car key

  12. They should be apart now

    Almost apart

  13. You can use your hands now to take them apart

    Take them apart by screwdriver or by hand

  14. Battery in the bottom half of the car key

    Battery in car key

  15. Top and bottom part of the car key

    Top and bottom parts

  16. Battery

    Battery alone

  17. Further disassembly (optional)

    If you want to you can disassemble the key further, this would be a great time to clean out the dust in it.Further car key disassembly

  18. It's the best to put the battery from the car key that we disassembled out of order.

    This can be easily achieved by placing a piece of paper on top of it.Paper

  19. We press in the top and the bottom part of the car key so that they push into each other and make a click

    Closing the key

  20. Remove the excess paper

    Remove the excess paper

In this case the only tools we used was a flathead screwdriver that’s 5mm long. Similarly you can use any object that has a flat surface of 1mm thickness and 5 mm length.

It’s pretty difficult to break the key, but nonetheless do be careful when you are taking it apart with a screwdriver. Therefore using too much force can break it. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it I would recommend having someone a bit more experienced do it for you. But if you don’t care that much and want to try it out on maybe your spare, or a key you don’t use anymore, feel free too.

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