Car Handbrake Tuning

When to tune your car handbrake

If the car handbrake doesn’t grab, or doesn’t grab in a good course, then you will need to Handbrake Tuning your car handbrake. The reason if it doesn’t brake in a good course is because of it’s wear. And a lot rarer if it’s ductility.

Where to tune your car handbrake

It’s easiest to tune your handbrake if you have canal, or you can lift the car somehow. But if not, you can do it with 2 lifts, you can also do it nicely with only one lift. Tuning the car handbrake is done from below, near the exhaust.

position of the hand brake
position of the hand brake

How to tune your car handbrake

First we lift up the car, so that we can come to the place where the handbrake tuning is done. It’s enough to lift the car with a hand lift on only one side. Because tuning is synchronized and symmetrical. That means if you tune it on one side it will be tuned and you don’t need to tune it on the other side. The car handbrake should be softened. But if you are lifting the car with a hand lift, make sure that the front wheel is safe. Below the car, in the middle find where the cable needs to be tuned. That is usually the place on the wire where the screw-nut is located, where the two cables are softened and hardened, that are going to the wheels. It tensions when the handbrake is softened and vice versa.

Parameters for the set handbrake tuning

When the handle of the car handbrake is on the 3rd tooth, the rear wheels should easily spin with a hand. It only starts to grab the brakes on the 4th tooth. If it’s not like that, we have to tune it to be like that. To more easily handle the screw-nut on the cable and softened the car handbrake. Tight or loosen the screw, depending on your situation. When adapting the screw, lift the car handbrake for three teeth, check if it grabs. If it does not grab lift it for one more and it should. When the car handbrake is fully lifted up, there is a chance that with high strength the wheel will spin with a hand.

Raise the last wheel
Raise the last wheel
How often should a handbrake be damaged?

How often should the parking brake be settled depends on several factors, such as a style of driving, whether it is riding more in the city, ie, it most depends on spending the last packages. On average about 10000 km.

How long does a tune handbrake?

Hand brake if there is no problem can be treated for 30min.

Required tools to adjust the parking brake yourself?

From the tools you need a hand lift, 1 or possibly due to the two-shaped boilers 13.

Do they spend wagers when using a parking brake?

If the parking brake is used during the car standing, the pecks are not spent. Packs are only spent when the wheel is chipped and brake is brake, any.

Conclusion Handbrake Tuning

In this way, you can easily check for a relatively short time and harm your car’s handheld without the need for some special tool.

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