Empty Car Battery

Reasons for an empty car battery

The Car battery can get empty out of quite a few reasons. It’s usually an older batter that’s in the question, especially when something like a radio stays on that can drain it. Let’s say if you forget to turn off some kind of a electricity consumer, like: leave a door open all they so the light stays on all day, left the radio on for too long, etc…  but it didn’t work much because of traffic or something similar.

If the battery empties when the car is on, then the problem is most likely the alternator on the car. If it’s not the alternator than the most common issue is the faulty battery that doesn’t take electricity. The best solution for this is to change the car battery completely.

With a bit of luck and knowledge the problem is solved

When we have a situation when we give contact with the key, and everything seems to be working fine when we want to start the engine, it spins really short or slow then it stops and doesn’t want to turn on. These are the signs of a empty battery, i.e the batty doesn’t have capacity. It can also be that the car isn’t making any contact with the mass. If we have the battery in a room (or outside) and it’s 20°C+ we can maybe restore some energy.  At least some energy to start the engine.

Installed battery
Installed battery

The battery will restore energy the best if we take off all the electricity consumers. We can take off one or both screws that hold the battery. Now we can take out the battery. The battery terminal is taken off with a screwdriver number 10. Or whatever number it is for you. That screw loosens and you can take off the cable from the battery. After 5h (best to leave it for 24h) we connect back the battery terminals. This contact is really important and it must be qualitative. If on the contacts there is rust or any kind of dust, we remove that with sand paper.

With a bit of luck, a good battery and engine it could turn on. But this case is very rare.

Starting the Car Battery with Cables

Starting with cables is really easy, but you have to pay attention that the cables are going same on same.

Ignition cables
Ignition cables

When both cars are close enough, the car that’s running continues to run. On the car that is getting started the cables are placed on the battery so that solid contact is held. Before the car gets started the second car needs to add more gas so less electricity is used. It’s very important that on both cars the cables are going minus to minus and plus to plus. Otherwise there can be more problems and issues. When the cars are connected, and a bit more gas is added you can start the car.

Push starting a car

When push starting a car with manual transmission, you will need at least 2 people to push and 1 to turn on the car. Starting a car this way there is a chance for the belt to skip and other issues to occur. Put the car into second gear, add contact and when people are ready to push press the clutch in. When the speed of around 6 km/h is reached, the clutch is slowly released. DO NOT release the clutch fast because the belt will skip.

The car can be turned on by being towed by another car as well.

When the car starts, it should work at least 2 hours. Not idle but adding some gas, then the battery would needed to be charged.

Charging the car battery with a battery charger

Using a battery charger is more recommended than any methods listed up. When charging the car it’s recommended that the battery terminals are off because the battery charger sends AC electricity. The power of electricity is usually bigger than 14,5 amps. So that no electrical components die, it’s the best to take off the terminals and take the battery out of the car. Connect the wires from the charger to the battery. Plus goes onto plus, minus goes onto minus. Before connecting to a battery, there are caps that needed to be taken off and check the acid level. If there is not enough liquid then add distilled water. This liquid will spin during the charging of the battery. Depending on the strength of the charger, the battery usually takes about 24 h to be charged.

Charging the battery
Charging the battery

On the charger we can connect something called a booster, they make the battery charge really fast but have a chance of damaging it so I don’t recommend it.

Battery life span is 3-5 years.

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