Broken headphone jack description

In the laptop was plugged in a jack from headphone jack which is 3.5 mm. One part of the jack broke and was stuck in the laptop. In the hole is a special mechanism that was pressing it and it couldn’t be used anymore.

Repairing the headphone jack

It’s not hard to replace the 3.5 mm jack on headphones, we just cut off the broken one and attach a new one through wires. Sometimes the wires can be really thin so even doing that can be a difficult task. So getting new headphones isn’t a big investment.

Taking out the broken part from the hole

The thought I had about solving this to put glue on top of a thin stick (like a lollipop). So that it doesn’t glue to the inside of the hole, on the sides I put a plastic limiter.


After some time when I thought the glue had dried I tried to pull it out, but without luck, the broken part was still stuck.

Changing the 3.5 mm jack on the laptop

When I took apart the laptop from the bottom side I realized that to get to the 3.5 mm jack I would need to do a lot of taking apart. I wasn’t sure if I would even find it, if the motherboard had multiple layers so I gave up on that idea.

3.5 mm to USB solved the issue

In the store they offered me a 3.5 mm to USD 3D Sound which was ideal for my issue.


When I plugged it in the laptop, after that I plugged headphones into it but there was no sound. I fixed this by pulling out the headphone jack until the next ring (about 2 mm) and the sound was perfect.

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