Broken car cigar lighter


The cigar lighter in the car is broken, it can break because of many reasons. Usually it’s a contact fault. The contact of the broken car lighter can be on different places. The fault can be in the wires that bring it to the lighter. That occurs because a lot of pressure on them. The fault can also be on the place where you are lighting the cigarette, on the heater it’self.

The lighter in the car wasn’t working for me, which means when I pressed it, it wasn’t heating up, nor did it pop out from it’s place, when it heats up enough it does that to give a signal. First you check if the main switch for the lighter and everything else is okay. I took a wired comb and cleaned the tip of the lighter, I was being careful not to deform the heater. I checked with an electric device if the electricity is going through the lighter to the heater, he showed that there is electricity. When I tried the lighter again it was working fine. The lighter was heating up and to signal that it’s heater it threw it out almost to the back seat. Then I tweaked a little pin on the case itself, and made it so that it pops it out nicely. The lighter was then working.

If I was unsuccessful with repairing it this way, what I would have done is check if the cockpit has power. If it didn’t I’d have to tear down the whole cockpit and check which wire on the base on which the glass plug is on, and see if it’s faulty.

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Also visually check the wires, so that one didn’t start to melt or something similar. Also pay attention to the wire contacts if they are good.

The lighter in the car is a useful thing because it has a more-purpose use. It’s used for charging and giving electricity to third party items like, GPS. phone Laptop, etc…


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