Blinker switch failures

One of the faults that can happen on the Blinker switch is for it to break. When this happens we can temporarily glue the switch, but it’s best if we replace it.

It could happen that the switch does not reset after centering the wheel. It could also be stuck, then you can really easily move it, but the blinker doesn’t work. But basically for every fault it’s the best to remove the switch and if we don’t have to replace it with, repair it.

For steps on how to remove the wheel you can read my post here.

Blinker switch disassembly

The blinker switch has little grooves on top of it’s case that hold it in place. You need to separate these grooves with a screwdriver to open the switch. Take off one side, then the second one and finally separate the top part with the screwdriver.

The switch is easily take out of this bedding.


Fixing the contact in the switch

Sometimes when lubricating the switch the grease can go onto the electrical components and so you can have bad contact. To fix this clean the contact and if needed sand it.

Strong spring

Sometimes the spring can become too tight, but this is easily fixed by stretching it a bit.

Fixing the limiter

Sometimes the limiter is can break. When the spring holder breaks, to my experience it’s the best to put a screw in it and put it on a fitting height. It’s the best to cut it with a handsaw, because if we cut with an angle grinder we can overheat and melt the plastic.

If we are fixing the bottom limiter, we need to heat up a wire, push it into the plastic and let it melt.

Reassembling the blinker switch

Make sure to lubricate the parts that are harder to move before putting the switch back together.

First place the handle in, then click in the covers into place and the switch is assembled.


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