Preparing to take off a bicycle wheel

To take off a bicycle wheel we need to flip it upside down and have a 15 mm wrench. If we don’t have a stand that holds the bike upside down we lay it down on it’s steering wheel and seat. We should protect the seat from scratches, same with the wheel and a bell if you have one.


Taking off the front bicycle wheel

The front wheel is easier to take off than the back wheel. But every aspect for taking off the back wheel is the same as the front. So it won’t be described in detail.

Taking off the back bicycle wheel

With a 15 mm wrench we loosen the screw from both sides.

You don’t need to loosen the screw all the way, unless your bike has a stand on the back wheel. On these models when you take out the screw the stand comes out as well.

The chain is loosen, and the wheel can be pulled out from the frame.


The wheel should be able to be pulled out of the frame, but most likely brake pads won’t allow it. If your tire is empty, you can easily slide the wheel through the brake pads. You can use this method when you are putting the wheel back as well.

If your tire isn’t empty you can try to quickly release the brake pads and slide the wheel through. You do this by pressing both pads down with your hand, then the string will loosen.

Removing the wheel from the frame
Removing the wheel from the frame

The other way you can do it, which is safer and more elegant is by loosening the screw and moving the brake pads. By doing this method we need to make sure we remember the position the brake pads were previously in.

If you have disk brakes you can just take out the wheel. But we need to make sure that when we are putting the wheel back that it goes between two brake pads.

Putting the wheel back into the frame

Putting the wheel back is pretty simple, it’s basically opposite to taking it out. But we have to make sure that the wheel is center on the frame before screwing it in. The wheel needs to be in center, and there should be an even distance between the frame.

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