Advantages of washing a car with active foam

Washing a car with active foam is contactless. It’s is better at removing marks than traditional shampoo, it also takes out the dust from small scratches. This means that there really isn’t a need to use a sponge. It also doesn’t matter if the water stream is pointed at the dirt to clean it. With this you shorten the amount of time to wash the car, but still make it look really clean as it gets all kinds of dirt out.

Preparing to wash the car

Before each wash we need to manually remove the dirt from leaves and similar dirt that is under the car cockpit and other places. You’ll get the best results out of washing with foam when the car body is cold. First things first, the car needs to be washed with a stream of water. You can combine-wash like in this post. In case you do, the foam is applied before polishing.

Contactless car washing with active foam

A spot in the car wash with washing guns at both sides usually has an foam option.

You can also wash your car with active foam with a high-pressure washing gun that has a foam attachment.

Usually in car washes, the last button in a row is the active foam button. When this is pressed you need to go to the other side and pick up the washing gun for it.

The foam is applied to the body with horizontal movements all the way to the top. The foam should be applied for 2 to 10 minutes.

In some automatic car washes there is an option to stop this with the stop button.

After this the next thing we need to do is wash the foam away.

Cons to the foam


Unwashed foam can make damages to the car paint. Even if you leave the foam over the suggested time it can damage the paint.

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